Christina A. Sharik


Moving Wall, Tampa Bay, Florida, April 2001
Christina at the Moving Wall, Tampa Bay, Florida, April 2001
We are the ones Behind the Lines –
Behind the names upon the Wall…
mostly unknown, and hardly seen
except by a few, if at all.
We, too, were lost,
in one way or other –
We were someone’s son,
father, daughter;
someone’s brother.
Our names will never be
where the naked eye can see –
but we notice you
when you gaze at the Wall
as if you can see clear through.
My name is Virginia,
and that is Don,
He is Norman,
and there is John –
We are not gone.
We are the shadows
Behind the Lines
We’d like to be remembered too –
though our names are not on the granite
We took the place of someone else
We also served – don’t take us for granted –
That somebody might have been you.

The ones on the Wall walk point for us
and we are free of pain –
It is only your forgetfulness
that can ever hurt us again…

Author’s Note: For Edgar Tieman, a friend, and for all the veterans not named on The Wall, including 50+ women who served.