Christina A. Sharik


Women, families, friends, wives,
one bright day, doing laundry,
playing cards or cleaning house,
or typing at work, all
leading different lives.
Except for that day
when one sees a car pull up
and the Uniforms get out.

Each one’s heart is skipping beats
and in silent unison,
and instantly devout –
each one repeats
God, no God, don’t let it be him.
Don’t let them come here
or to my friends’ either.
God give me strength
to keep my knees from quaking
and my limbs from shaking.

Dear God, Dear God
is all that she can pray
on that strange and terrible day;
and when they pass her by
she nearly faints, and with a
strangled cry
she goes to see whose news it is.

She will stay with her awhile,
she will make some calls,
she will feed her child
and the awful day is done.

There’s not much left of the day now
except sadness and weariness
and wariness when the Uniforms
leave…… Each, within her curtained
home knows that all that has been won
is perhaps, a short reprieve –

Once again, those families
yet untouched,
will walk the razor’s edge of War,
and the worst part is
this little scene
has been played around the World
a billion times or more.