Christina A. Sharik

(For Linda D. Watson)

Linda D. “Scooter” Watson: 2001
Linda D. “Scooter” Watson: 2001
She said:
I wasn’t a nurse, just a
and long, long ago I took part,
in a rescue mission of children
a mission of the heart –
one of the planes went down in flames
in April of ‘75 –
and those of us
who flew later
bear witness each day
we’re alive;
witness to bravery
beyond understanding,
to giving life
a fighting chance –
witness to future weddings,
and poetry and dance –
I’m glad I was part
of this wonderful thing,
a mission so worthwhile –
Live free, oh beautiful children:
Let your lives sing –
Let your souls smile.
I only wish I could have taken them all…