Christina A. Sharik


Grandfather Moore’s grave in Arlington
Grandmother Moore, mother Ruth, and the five of us kids visit grandfather Moore’s grave in Arlington, circa 1964

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry - November 15, 2005
Awarded: November 15, 2005
In Arlington, Grandfather rests
Grandmother by his side
Rows and rows of crosses
Guard the veteran and his bride.

He died long before she did.
She would have 20 years to go
before she joined the husband
she had married long ago.

He had fought somewhere in France
In what became the First World War;
never dreaming when he slept
that time would bring even more.

His daughter married a soldier
who then became my dad
He fought in the Second War
the World had ever had.

I loved and married an airman
the father of my son;
but the Airman went to Vietnam
and left me all alone.

My son then joined the Army,
and two nephews and a niece
Have followed in their footsteps –
standing guard for Peace

Our family is serving, and
has served the World around –
You can be sure we understand
what is meant by Sacred Ground.

Author’s Note: For Henry A. Moore, Robert H. Phillips, Sr., Michael T. Ream, Dustin H. Haskell, Jesse J. Haskell, Shannon M. Haskell