Christina A. Sharik


Arielle’s mom has gone to war
like many women who went before
and Arielle says that she feels sad
she feels alone, and sometimes mad.

Be proud, Arielle, that your mom has gone
women are strong, and have gone all along
Revolutionary War, on our own hills and valleys
Civil War, in our cities, towns and farms
World War I, in the filthy trenches
and WWII, in aide stations and hospitals
Korea, near the frozen Chosin
Vietnam, donut dollies, clerks and nurses
Somalia, in the desert, behind sandbags, in a blinding sun
Bosnia, hungry children begging for pens and gum
The Gulf, and now the Gulf again
and this is where your mom comes in.

Be proud, dear Arielle, tho you are saddened now
Your mom is part of history, part of
A group of brave, loving, caring women
Who stood up straight and were happy to go.
Be proud of your mom and let her know.

A rielle
R eminiscing
I ncandescent
E lfin
L onesome
L oyal
E nduring