Christina A. Sharik


911: Raising The FlagThere’s a flag among the rubble;
the rescuers rest on cots –
there was a rabbi giving water-
a doctor taking video shots…

There’s a flag among the rubble
and I realized, suddenly
that I am not afraid of you
nor will I let you get to me…

Oh, “you” may kill me just as well
as you did the other ones;
and you may kill my only child-
or our daughters, or our sons,
but we will prevail in this regard:

We’re not afraid of you
you are evil personified
our faith will get us through.
It does not have to be the Christian faith
that wins this World War Three –

but just the good that people do
when there is some need they see…
There’s a flag among the rubble
where two mighty buildings stood
And I am not afraid of you –

You are evil.
We are good.