Christina A. Sharik: All the Little Flags
Ironton Memorial Cemetery, Ironton, Ohio
Photograph ©Copyright June 2004 by Anthony W. Pahl

Christina A. Sharik


This Memorial Day Week-end
will see the Boy Scouts,
Girl Scouts, and the veterans’
placing little flags on
each and every veteran’s stone.

In Arlington, Grandfather sleeps;
In Pennsylvania, my father
has a mountain view;
My uncle rests in Maryland,
and these are just a few
of those who’ve served
their country; whole companies and
battalions of airmen, soldiers, sailors,
and Marines, who may have died alone;
each now at peace within his grave,
and we remember them
with our prayers
and with the little flags that wave.

Author’s Note: For Memorial Day/Ironton Memorial Cemetery, Ironton, OH