Christina A. Sharik

(For Alix Hall)

Alix HallWell, a poem for Alix –
I’ve had to think this long
to try to get the words just right
for someone who’s so strong…
or so appears to be,
at least to me.
I even admired her voice –
her ability to be heard
her ability to get across
every single word…
and every single word
she said
struck deep within my soul…
and I wondered: though
she sounded strong
if she was now made whole.
All the hardships
all the pain
all the hurting
tears like rain
all the waiting
all the fear
Still, Alix
speaks and stands
right here.
Perhaps this is her healing
this telling of her tale –
If so, I’m glad I witnessed it
She’s strong, for one
so frail –