Christina A. Sharik


POW/MIA: Abbreviations
This poem is for the former POW, Major John Reynolds, PA, whose bracelet I wore then, and for my adopted POW/MIA, SFC Edward Ray Dodge of Norton, VA, whose bracelet I wear now. Never forgotten.
Means: Missing –
Gone – Lost –
Not Free.
Silver Bracelets
Yellow ribbons ‘round the tree –
No matter where you are,
I hope you see –
that You Are Not forgotten
nor will you ever be.

Author’s Note: Published in “The Moonduster Chronicles”, Operation Just Cause Newsletter: March 1998 issue. I am very proud that this poem was used by Fairchild AFB’s 336th Training Group, Survival School, in their program for POW/MIA Recognition Day 1998. Special thanks to SSgt Amy Cottingham