Christina A. Sharik


Shoes of a single day, Auschwitz
Shoes of a single day, Auschwitz
In Auschwitz, that terrible place
they were the prize, they set the pace
and in the end, they left their records
for all to see what they did there……
Lampshades made from human skin
and bodies lying everywhere…
nothing but skin and bone and
shorn, red, blond, dark hair……

Recently I saw the room of shoes;
One days’ worth of shoes
That filled the room… the
shoes of Poles, Gypsies and Jews…

And I thought a Room of Shoes
reaching to the ceiling:
How do you come to the
point of healing……

What if you had walked in their shoes
I would have run
I’d rather kill myself,
had I a gun

But they could not fathom
what would be done
by so-called civilized men
in uniform, especially one

One small man, in every sense
of the word,
a mustache, and hard eyes
and bullies by the herd……

A Room of shoes reach to the ceiling
my God, I’m numb, I’ve lost all feeling
No!!! Will be my answer should the time come
when someone comes for me or mine

I won’t be numb

They’ll never take my shoes from me……
I’ll run, they’ll fire, I may be beat,
but they will never take the shoes
off my living feet.