Christina A. Sharik

[For Everyone to Read]

Christina at the Travelling Wall: Tampa Bay, April 2001
Christina at the Travelling Wall: Tampa Bay, April 2001
I think I’m in love
with the American Vet;
the one from the past,
and one who hasn’t
seen battle yet~~

I wonder why
in all of my travels
I still haven’t met
that “one” special someone,
my American Vet.

[I don’t count the Airman
who fathered my son;
or my son who’s a soldier,
the very best one]

I have a hard time
with folks “face to face”
Perhaps I have walls up
[what a disgrace].

I’d like to get married
one fine summer day……
So, hey, are you out there?
Must I watch what I say?

Will you smooth out my scars
as I would for you?
Will you sooth all my fears
when my nightmare comes back
and I wake up in tears?

Maybe a veteran could understand
why I’m afraid, although I seem brave,
why I take pen in hand
and write for all those I’d like to save.

I think I was wounded
somewhere along Life’s way.

If my scars are “in”,
and your scars are “out”
Well, isn’t loving someone
what healing’s about?

I’m not really looking, but
maybe you’ll find me.
And if I seem lost
I hope you’ll remind me………
that I wanted to meet you
that I need to be loved
that I have love to give… .
that I’ll care for you all,
as long as I live.