Christina A. Sharik


Aletha and Michael: December 2005
Aletha and Michael: December 2005
My son is in the Army,
with all its stress and strife –
At home he has a baby
and one who waits – his wife.
He’s sometimes hard to live with;
‘round the world he’s had to travel –
So, she struggles daily,
listening for tires on the gravel……
They’ve been married now for 7 years;
they’ve lived in Europe and the States
most of the time he isn’t home –
but that is where she waits.
And now the baby, Tristan,
waits for Daddy to come home
Now that they wait together,
she isn’t so alone.
His key inserts into the lock;
her waiting’s at an end –
Her Army husband’s home again –
She’s Michael’s wife; my friend.

Author’s Note: For Aletha