Christina A. Sharik


TO: Those of you who attempt to
interpret my words/to speak for me/to
do things “In My Name”

FROM: God.


Please cease and desist
from carrying out
flogging, beheading,
executions of gays,
torturing people who
are not like “you” and thus ME,
[since I created you
in my image]

You make Me sad.
Live your life with
dignity and prayer ~

but do not continue to
anger me
by shouting “In the Name of
Allah/Buddha/God ~ I swear!”

You should be spending
all your hours
living your best life;
You should be striving to
be the best that YOU can be.

Please leave everything else
to ME.

Do not use my name in vain.
Do not use my name, to cause pain
to another child of mine.

Your arrogance
knows no bounds
and I –
I can no longer tolerate the angry sounds
that precede your actions ~
all of which bring about
wrong reactions.

I do not take action in YOUR name.
Do not take action in mine.

I am the Alpha and Omega.
I am Divine.