Christina A. Sharik

Colin F. Jones: December 2007
Colin F. Jones: December 2007

A young child
sits and scribbles
a short verse
here and there ~

Putting pen to paper
is pleasure,
dear and rare.

Thoughts of words
and couplings
rambled through his mind,

writing on all that could be
written on;
plain blank sheets
or paper marked with lines.

I will be great,
he used to think,
A great poet
for my time…

As life moved on,
emotions helped
to curb the need
to rhyme.

War time words
were buried
and fate had interfered
with the poet’s musings
until we met him,

His writing is
He tries to tell it “true.”
I, for one, am grateful Col,
to be writing
next to you.

Author’s Note: For Colin F. Jones