Christina A. Sharik


Abu Ghraib Prison: Iraqi Prisoner Abuse - 2004
Abu Ghraib Prison: Iraqi Prisoner Abuse - 2004
Yes, baby?

Mommy, what
did you do in that war?
I know a little,
but I want to know more.

Well, that was a long time ago,
little girl –
When I was a soldier,
at the edge of the world…

Daddy and I,
we guarded some men –

I know that part, Mommy,
but what happened then?
See, I found these pictures
in that green trunk upstairs

Mommy looks at her
daughter as long as she dares…

Yes that’s me, pumpkin…
I did some bad things.

Why, Mommy, why?
Her little voice almost sings…

I just can’t explain it,
said Mother to child

We were at War
and the times seemed so wild.

We’re still in Iraq
because of pictures we took.
The things that we did
made the World take a look –-

We hurt some prisoners
and we made the World mad…

and daughter
watched mother,
with eyes that were sad.

Is that why the war lasted
ever so long?
Is that why my daddy
has always been gone?

Is that why he’s still in that
ugly old place
with all the black bars and that
look on his face…?

Yes, answered Mommy,
as she tried not to cry…

Her daughter looked at her
with eyes bright and dry

I just have one question:

Why, Mommy, Why?