Christina A. Sharik


Christina A. Sharik: 1986: The Other MIA SonMom, will you sign this paper?
And so, I asked, what for?
So I can join the Army…
Like Grandpa did,
and he went off to war.
Is this what you want to do,
as chills ran down my spine…?
Oh yes, I’m sure, he said to me –
And it will all be fine.

Time went by, and he grew up
and then he grew away
and now, he needs me for no reason
And has nothing much to say.

I’ve worried through Korea
cried rivers through Somalia
and tents in Bosnia’s winter snows
kept me awake at night
But he seemed to be all right…

And Germany was 6 years of
those rare phone calls at night;
a quick “I Love you, Mom, I gotta go”
But as he said, he was all right.

Now, I call but he is busy,
he’s got so much to do –
His wife says he’s too
stressed out to talk,
but you know that he loves you…

I’m out of mind, he’s moved away
in his thoughts and in his heart;
my heart is broken; he’s MIA
I look for mail, just a word
from my only son
Calls that never come…
He just gets busy and forgets
He said he’d be all right
So, I know that he sleeps soundly
while I still cry at night.