Christina A. Sharik

1,000 LIVES

At sea aboard USS KEARSARGE (LHD-3)
At sea aboard USS KEARSARGE (LHD-3): A Navy-Marine Firing Detail povides a 21-gun salute during a special Memorial Day Service to honor the 23 Marines from the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (Task Force Tarawa) who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Operation Iraqi Freedom. More than 1,000 Marines and Sailors turned out to honor their fallen comrades. KEARSARGE has begun its journey home, with an expected homecoming in late June 2003. Photo taken May 26, 2003 by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jose E. Ponce
They say that “we”
have now lost 1,000 lives

Long before they ever
had the chance
to acquire that
“1,000 Yard Stare”

they died, over there.

So you say
you never vote –
you think it doesn’t
make any difference;
you don’t like
either candidate –
you’ll just watch the
TV for the results
from your easy chair –

1,000 souls have
paid the ultimate price
to free a country
whose people have
never had the chance
to make a choice.

1,000 souls died
so a country’s people
would have a voice

Cast your vote…
and remember that
we’re free

and that they did not
die in vain
that they all belonged

to you and me.