Roger L. Scott


Thanks for the memories
Of flights to Germany
Across the cold North Sea
With blazing guns
We fought the Huns
For air supremacy,
How lucky we were.

Thanks for the memories
Of me 109’s
Of flack guns on the Rhine,
They did their bit
And we were hit
That ended our good times.

We hate them so much
We drifted out of formation
We jumped and what a sensation
Now to sweat out the duration.

Our job was done
We had our fun, so —
Thanks for the memories,
Of days we had to stay
At Stalag Seven-A
The cabbage stew
Which had to do
Till Red Cross parcel day,
How grateful we were.

Roger L. Scott: Memories of a POW
The Sweet Taste of Freedom (Refer description below)

My uncle, Roger L. Scott, was on the mission to Kassel. His B-24 was shot down over Germany, and he was a POW for 9 months. His photo is in an article in the Time Life Book about WWII. He is climbing up the fence on the day that they were liberated. His photo is in the lower right hand corner of the picture. He wrote a poem while he was in the POW camp and I was wondering if you would like to see if it could be submitted. My uncle made a small book with names and addresses of his fellow POW’s and he wrote about the march from Nurnburg to Moosburg. Included in this small book on the back pages was this poem that he wrote.

Carolyn Tucker: June 21, 2006