Peter J. Scott

Peter is a former Sergeant in the Australian Army


They boarded for Gallipoli with thoughts of home and Mum,
Their families left to wonder at the return of favourite sons
And the blood they shed in a land so far is proof of what they’d done
And so became the reason they wear the rising sun

Then later on war came again and the boys were off to Lae
A different foe but wars the same, they fought through night and day
Along that trail of heroic feats they endured the Australian way
And everyone remembers this on every Anzac Day

The call went out a new breed of troops were sent to Nui Dat
From that horrible war and punji sticks there were some did not come back
There’s those that remember the terror and mates they left behind
The result of this is seen today as scars upon their mind

So now the world has changed a lot but the battles still go on
Leaving their home in the cause for peace in a place they don’t belong
It’s a fight for justice and freedom and their courage won’t be gone
We pray God speed that they’ll come home and keep them safe and strong

We’re proud of all our Aussie troops in working all as one
Relied upon to do their job until the work is done
The sacrifice they’ve made for us and those as yet to come
It’s all in the cause of freedom, they wear the rising sun.

The Australian Army