Charles Schwiderski

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: July 18, 2005
Awarded: July 18, 2005

For you there is no Wall, there are only my
fading memories that grow weaker with time

These solemn fading memories are slightly
brightened by my nightmares in the night,
nightmares that recall the horror of your
deaths and the extreme sadness I feel because
I couldn’t save you

For you there is no Wall, your deaths are
honored only in my fading memories. This
honor must not ever be lost but how do I maintain
the memories so very, very important – My wonderful
Scouts you fought so very bravely

The nightmares are terrible but without them,
the honor of knowing you wonderful people will
be forever lost

My Scouts, my wonderful Montagnards, the honor
of knowing you and fighting beside you is
fading with my memory. You gave so much to me
and I couldn’t save you – I feel I failed you so

Now my memory is fading and I am failing you even
more. If I forget you, my guilt will be unbearable

I pray the nightmares continue because without
them I fear I will lose you and the honor you desire
so very much