Robert V. Schweitzer and Mary Van Winkle-Schweitzer


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Song Version: Bob Smoke and Carl Selkey
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Deep in the jungle of a far away land
A poison destroys all the green that it can
We’ll give the enemy no place to hide
We’re fighting a war now with pesticide
Infected the jungles, valleys and streams
Invaded the cities in the rice and the beans
Nobody cared what this would all do
The war must be won for me and for you

They came screamin’ down like eagles
From the Asian sky
Tortured the jungles with the orange tide
The orange tide

Babies were born with defects boo ku
Many in the mouth, unable to chew
Left with scars that they’ll never hide
All from the war of the pesticide
Now a child was conceived after I come home
A father I wasn’t, I still had to roam
Born with a defect no doctors could hide
I guess from the war of the pesticide


Now the son’s lost to me and carries a scar
From a war in a jungle in an Asian land far
And also the scars of a fatherless life
Was too late to go back, too late to make right
So I pray for him now and all the children of war
Maybe they’ll understand what it was all for
Me, I’ll just try to be the best I can be
And sing from my heart this lost son legacy