Mark D. Schuster

Mark D. SchusterMark is a retired senior systems analyst of 38 years and now enjoys his Grand Children, NASCAR, hunting and camping. He is actively involved with Dodge RAM forums and is acting President of the NY Chapter of the On the forums Mark is known as MDSBigPaPa.

Mark has been a member of the Patriot Guard since Sergeant Devin Snyder’s motorcade went by his house in June of 2011. He had heard (though later proven false) that the Westboro Baptist Church was going to protest her funeral and felt that he’d had enough and could not sit idly by and do nothing. The very next day, Mark joined the Patriot Guard Riders. Although he does not ride a motorcycle, he has come to recognize the enjoyment these men and women have for their rides. He has also recognized the passion they have for the First Responders and Armed Service Members serving this Great Nation.

It is not until you understand what you do not know that the learning process starts

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Webmaster’s Note: Mark advises that his poems, provided they are not used in a manner that seeks to gain profit from their use or inclusion, may be distributed freely.