Jim W. Schowalter


Where are you off to, Soldier?
I’m going to Iraq, son…
They say there’s a despotic dictator there,
Who’d destroy our nation and poison our air,
And the stench of this vermin’s an awful smell,
And it’s time we send him to hell!

It’s not a political thing we do,
It’s a matter of righted wrong,
And I hope one day, if we have our say,
Iraq will know freedoms song.

I’m leaving my family, and all I hold dear,
To step in harms way for you,
And I won’t be back, till we’ve freed Iraq,
and taken Saddam from their view.

I know that the fight won’t be easy,
Like the victories previously won,
But I hope and I pray, that I’ll hear someone say,
Thanks America, Well Done!!