Ravindra Sivananda Sathasivam

Ravi SathasivamRavi lives in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka


The day when I met you
Your attitude impressed me in my mind and heart
You are known to everyone as a great yesterday
soldier for our country.
You were distinguished soldier, an officer,
a man among men.
You are the most valuable gift for our country
Your contribution to the World War II is unforgettable.
Your Knowledge on military is a precious gift for
our young soldiers.
You loved our country and you did the best for her.
Today, you are away from us; living by yourself
Your marched forward legs are stands still today.
You be the best what ever you are and where ever you are.
But the love you have shown on us will
cherish in our heart forever.
As bible says LOVE is patient and kind,
and let that faith surround you.
You are a great soldier for the all time
and yet to be seen

Author’s Note: This poem is dedicated to late Brigadier Lyn M. Wickramasuriya who was a WW II veteran (under British Army) as well former Deputy Army Commander of Sri Lanka.