Macdell Kofi Sackey

Kofi is a Ghanaian from West Africa and was born on September 13, 1968 13/9/1968. He completed high school in 1987. Reading and writing are his hobbies and he started writing poetry in 2003.


His supercilious and poisonous cynicism,
Injected fear into every citizen.
His sulky and spitefulness
Sent numerous opponents to their graves.
His rasps and snarls
Made even his henchmen
Flinch in fright.
The least infraction,
Meant indefinite incarceration.
Under pogroms orchestrated by the Gestapo,
Members of the faiths
Were chastised for their views,
Countless number of Jews
Were horribly slewed.
In his quest to rule the world,
He ordered the conquest
Of many nations.
With great power and poise,
His juggernauts swept across Europe
With amazing spread.
The Red Army and Allied forces
Slowed his pace.
Berlin fell fast
His reign was past.
The Fuhrer committed suicide
In disgrace.