Lou Sacco


You went to war… no questions asked of it
How did you know… you’d return in a casket
Vietnam was the place you were sent
A year tour… digging foxholes and pitching a tent
In country… you will serve
Displaying courage and raw nerve
Sheer boredom replaced with sheer fear
Enemy mortars… was all you could hear
You made it through, by the skin of your teeth
As you dove for cover… under and beneath
Search and Destroy… was your patrol
Many booby traps inside a covered hole
Rat a tat tat… you are caught in an ambush
To the limits your valor… you will push
Hit by an enemy bullet… then you fell
As life slips away, you’ll leave this hell
Tagged and bagged… you’re finally going home
The journey is over… your soul will roam
Protestors claim you died in vain
You join the thousands… who were also slain
You gave your life for your country… and answered the call
Your name is one of 58,000… etched on the Wall
For fear not… about the life you gave
In Arlington Cemetery… flowers cover your grave
The hand you were dealt was nothing short of rotten
Every Vietnam Vet… will never be forgotten

Author’s Note to Anthony Pahl: My name is Lou Sacco. I wrote a poem a few months back to honor the Vietnam vets. I was watching the news and Jane Fonda was being interviewed about her book. That was the one where she gave that half assed apology to the vets. I was a police officer in Miami and some of my close friends there are Vietnam Vets. I was so livid at hearing her back peddling that I sat down and wrote a poem to honor the brave men and women who served and died in that conflict. I want to vomit every time she opens her mouth. I think the way the vets were treated in that era was criminal and those who were the culprits should get on their knees and beg forgiveness. I didn’t serve as I was born on May 11, 1967 but I have researched that conflict over the years and couldn’t be prouder of those who went there. For you and the others, please take this poem into your heart and know that there are Americans who support you and will be eternal grateful for the sacrifices you made for our freedom.

I hope you will embrace this as coming from those who care and will always have love and respect for all vets.

Thank you
Lou Sacco
February 3, 2006

Webmaster’s Note: I feel that all Vietnam Veterans would be likely to agree that Lou’s sentiments are worthy of inclusion on this page as they were originally written. As an Australian Vietnam Veteran, I take it upon myself to thank Lou for his expression of support, and for his understanding of the pain that was, and for so many of us, still is so much part of our lives.

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
IWVPA Webmaster
February 7, 2006