Frank G. Ross, Sr

Frank, a US Army veteran, lives in Lumberton, MS


A picture taken of Swift Boat Buddy,
Has made the waters very muddy.
We have been told by oh so many;
John Kerry is admired by plenty.

Of twenty men who posed that day,
Eleven have come forth to say.
Don’t use our picture for your campaign,
We’ll all be voting for Bush again.

Yes, we were in that picture too,
It wasn’t taken just of you.
A picture can have many meanings,
But it wasn’t meant for your scheming.

Take our picture from your ad,
Because it makes us oh so sad.
It was you who painted all of us,
With that wicked awful brush.

You told the congress we were bad,
And that makes us oh so sad.
Our emotions shaken and we are blue,
Take it out or we will sue.