Alex Roissetter

Alex RoissetterAlex Roissetter was born on the 21st Nov 1986 in the United Kingdom town of Milton Keynes. Later in life he went to two boarding schools and then at the age of sixteen (2003) joined up in the British Army as a Radio Systems Operator.

After completing Basic and Trade Training in Arbourfield Training college and Blandford Camp he was posted 2 Signal Regiment in York for three years. At this posting he went on tour to Qatar and Afghanistan. It was in this tour that he started to write poetry.

After the tour of Afghan he was soon posted to 7 Armoured Brigade in Germany in which after 6 months of his arrival and only a year after Afghan he went on tour to Iraq and took his poetry with him. It was during his Iraq tour that he decided to amalgamate all of his current works into a book which was soon published in March 2010.

The book “A Soldier Poet” has sold numerous copies worldwide and explains what it is like to be a current serving soldier both on tour and at home in such a way that connects to the civilian way.

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Alex Roissetter: A Soldier Poet
Alex’s Book, “A Soldier Poet” is available through The Siverwood Bookshop in the United Kingdom. Click on the book graphic for more information