Mary E. Rogers


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: April 19, 2007
Awarded: April 19, 2007
Years pass by and I remain
In a darkened black abyss
A prison that envelopes me
While others live in bliss

I claw the sides of the pit
That holds my soul so deep
I cannot see the light to guide
Me from this hell that keeps

My soul imprisoned from all joy
My heart so filled with grief
The hurt so deep within my soul
The darkness is a thief

The light appears from afar
The darkness between it lays
I do not have the strength to walk
Towards the light of day

Within this darkness are the dreams
That will not set me free
To live to laugh to love again
It is my only plea

A bridge of love and friendship
Would make my journey brief
If you could help me build one
Then I can escape my grief

To wrap myself so safely
Within your warm embrace
And build our life in sunshine
The demons we would chase

Back to the pit of darkness
Where they can never pull me down
To face the hellish nightmares
Or cause my soul to frown

Each morning with the sunshine
We would rise to face the day
If bad memories tried to surface
Our love would keep them away

I’m not strong enough to get better
Without you next to me
I want to come to you right now
Your love will set me free

We’ll kiss away the teardrops
We will love away the fear
We will live our life in happiness
The darkness will never appear

Today is when I need you
Tomorrow may be too late
Each day passes swiftly by
While the demons choose my fate

Your lips so tender on my face
Your hands caressing me
It is those special times we have
That I am finally free

The clock of life can’t be rewound
The days behind are lost
Today is the day to love and live
No matter what the cost

We are soul mates, you and I
and forever we shall be
One soul sharing two bodies
You live inside of me

I give you my love forever
My heart belongs to you
Hold it ever so gently
Just as I will hold yours too

We will one day be together
Never to walk away
The goodbyes will be behind us
And together we will stay

Hold tight to all our memories
They are our strength for today
Soon we will be together
Not for a day but forever and always