Mary E. Rogers


Crowds of people move about on cities busy streets
Neighbors converse each day on sidewalks where they meet
They find comfort in a neighbor living right next door
In busy isles where people shop in neighborhood grocery stores

Their doors are always open where neighbors walk right in
They sip their tea and coffee and sometimes a little gin
They gossip about their neighbors and watch their every move
With pointed finger and wagging tongue they strongly disapprove

They never see their reflection in the windows and the doors
Through which they watch their neighbors that to their face they adore
They do not see that finger that is reflecting back to them
Or the wagging tongue they use to viciously condemn

On mountain top I sit alone with no human friend around
Just bright blue skies and giant trees and wildflowers on the ground
Whistling wind in treetops is all that I can hear
And birds who call out to their friends to tell them I am here

The squirrels who know I’ve come with food come right up to my feet
They cautiously peer up at me while they sit on hind feet and eat
They do not care about my faults they only see my hand
That scatters nuts upon the ground and begs to share their land

Some people are happy amongst the busy throngs
Where they can peer and point at all their neighbors’ wrongs
But me, I am never lonely in forests all alone
Surrounded by God’s creatures who so graciously share their home

Loneliness exists in places where people live in throngs
But never in a forest where all nature sings its song.
I am most content with all my forest friends
Who never judge me wrongly or viciously condemn