Michaela Rogers


Ok People
My name is Michaela
I have blonde hair,
Green eyes,
And pale skin.
I have a belly piercing and a nose ring.

I’m pretty outgoing and I can get along with anyone.
When I have something to say you’ll know it.

Ummm… I’m cyber-schooled.
Oh my favorite color is blue.
Music is my addiction.
I love drawing and singing, and I’m not too bad at either.

I like writing stories.
I write about different stuff,
From fairy-tales to science-fiction.
I don’t write what’s already been done… or is cliché.
I take pride in being unique in life and writing.
Sometimes I find myself reading my own stories
Then wishing I could leap into my script,
Living out my life in these paradises I’ve created.

I love reading books and novels.
I look forward to the future.
I choose to not dwell on the past and keep moving forward.
I’ve decided to live and not only exist.
I choose to laugh, to smile, to be crazy.

Until I know what the future holds, I’ll keep on dreaming.
Life is only what you make it
So I’ll make my life a story, and make my story a journey
Where I find my Prince Charming someday.
Then maybe I’ll live Happily Ever After.
Or maybe not… I don’t know… Maybe I’ve already found him.
What I do know is I’m going to have fun along the way.

I will really live.
I will be myself.
I will love and be loved.
I’m gonna give ‘em hell.
I won’t go down without a fight either.

This is how I will live my life.
Without knowing where I’m going
But still getting there.

I won’t change to become better in someone else’s eyes;
I will only change to be better in my eye.

In my own words this is what I think it means to live.