Mary E. Rogers

(For Veterans Day, 2005)

Mary E. Rogers: We Will Not Forget You

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: November 15, 2005
Awarded: November 15, 2005
You do not lie in Flanders Field where all the poppies grow
You do not lie at Arlington where tombstones stand in rows
You never walked again upon the land you served with pride
You do not know the tears that flowed as friends and family cried

So many years have passed and still you are not home
We do not know if you live or where on earth you roam
We do not know if your body lies in soil on foreign lands
Or if you still are tortured by the enemies barbaric hands

Some gave some and some gave all and some still give today
And on this Veterans Day it is for you I choose to pray
You have not been forgotten nor the sacrifice you made
My greatest fear is that you continue to sacrifice today

Your brothers and your countrymen demand that you be found
If nothing more than to bring you home to lay in hallowed ground
The flag of black and white still flutters in the breeze
Today on Veteran’s Day I salute you on bended knee

May our love to you be carried on winds across this land
And may our Creator hold you in the palm of his blessed hand
Years will come and years will go and still we won’t forget
Until we find or account for each and every missing Vet