Mary E. Rogers


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 14, 2007
Awarded: May 14, 2007
She stands alone on sacred ground
And looks through tears upon the Wall
Images reflecting from shiny stone
Of those who walk upon this mall

There is no need for her to search
His name’s not written there to see
He did not die on foreign soil
He came home to the land of the free

Yet he is not here to hold her hand
She walks the cobblestones alone
He lost his life to Agent Orange
His name’s not etched within the stone

Somehow she knows his spirits here
He stands with brothers beyond the Wall
They know the awful price he paid
Even though it took him years to fall

She lets the tears run freely now
As a slight breeze caresses her face
She knows he’s here with the others
As the spirits hold her in warm embrace

A picture of him she quietly lays
No name is there to place it near
But there is a vision beyond the stone
She sees his face so very clear

He stands so proud with his brothers
While she sheds her tears alone
Only the spirits feel her heartache
As she walks the cobblestones alone

They stand together, all honorable men
Who died on foreign soil and those at home
Waiting on others to meet them there.
But she walks the cobblestones alone