Mary E. Rogers


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: July 18, 2005
Awarded: July 18, 2005
Together they walked the jungles of a foreign land
Through the forests and rice paddies of Vietnam
They fought for each other and to stay alive
And grieved for the brothers who didn’t survive

They made a pact to meet someday again
Not knowing there would be a Wall erected for them
The brothers who they couldn’t save
The ones who the ultimate sacrifice paid

Together they leaned towards The Wall
Remembering the brothers who they watched fall
Each card represented a face in their mind
Etched there to remain forever in time

Sometimes they wonder if they weren’t the blessed
To finally be at peace and eternal rest
No nightmares to contend with in the darkness of night
Living with angels in Heavenly light

A promise never to be forgotten… will always be kept
They will remember their brothers and tears will be wept
Seven hundred and fifty five cards laid by the Wall
At the names of the brothers whose faces they recall

This year the cards totaled seven hundred and fifty seven
Two more brothers they know are in Heaven
Remains of two more Redcatchers have been brought home
Their names are now etched with their brothers in stone

Brothers forever on this side and the other
Reflections in the Wall of Brothers together
Now from the other side the Brothers stand guard
To say “Welcome Home” and thank you for placing the cards.

Ray Heikkila and Dennis Haines at The Wall
Ray Heikkila and Dennis Haines lay memorial cards at The Wall to honor their friends - Memorial Day, 2004
Dennis Haines at The Wall
Dennis Haines places memorial cards at The Wall to honor his friends - Memorial Day, 2004