Penny Rock

Penny RockPenny Rock is an International Executive Consultant and Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Author. A recognized leader in the dynamics of healthy thinking, her “Power of a Clear Mind” principles and concepts have been integrated into the private and public sectors.

The foundation of her methodology is her belief in the unlimited potential for greatness that resides in each human being. “Unleashing, and having faith in our innate wisdom mobilizes us to create a healthier home, business, and world community.”

Penny’s sixteen years of experience with CEO’s and Senior Teams has taken her to the boardrooms of such companies as: British Telecom; Bell Atlantic; Blue Cross; Chase Bank; Discover Card; Hewlett Packard; International Truck and Engine; the Philadelphia Orchestra and many others. BA and MBA degrees in Business, Leadership and Organization Development support her corporate background.

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Power of a Clear Mind
In addition, Penny’s life experience as a Vietnam War Veteran and Breast Cancer Survivor enhances her ability to inspire others as a Keynote Speaker or Workshop Leader through her belief that “Each person has the ability to transcend and benefit from any life experience.

Penny was featured in the Academy Award nominated documentary film “A Healing.” She is the inspiration for Normi Noel’s play No Background Music, produced by Shakespeare & Company in August 2006. The play was reproduced near Boston in August 2008. Adapted for BBC World Wide Radio, it premiered in September 2005, and won the Sony Gold Drama award 2006. Penny was portrayed by Sigourney Weaver.

Penny is the author of the books, He Called Me Lieutenant Angel: A Love Song from War, and We Declare: The Truth about War and Our Responsibility for Peace. She has recorded the audio CDs, The Power of a Clear Mind, and The 8 Essential Ingredients of Healing. Penny is now completing her next books, The Power of a Clear Mind: Keep Your Bearings in ANY Circumstance, and The Power of a Clear Mind: How to Think Clearly in the Midst of Turmoil.

The Founder and President of the consulting company, Power of a Clear Mind, Penny may be contacted by e-mail at

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