Russell G. Robison


The few who rule the many
Love to play the ‘gather’ game
As they use another’s sacrifice
To reaffirm their fame

They’ll conjure up a crisis
Try to fill our hearts with fear
Manipulate our minds
And hope our sight is never clear

Sometimes I lean off to the left
And sometimes to the right
But neither side has answers
To the coming of this night

Don’t care which side you’re on
But most of us are in between
Why is it that our choice is always
Left or right extreme

They place the blame on others
Try to keep our eyes away
For they don’t want us watching
All that they don’t do each day

I’m not so much a wise man
But I’ve seen enough of this
They keep our blinders on
So we will not see the abyss

Hanging is too good for them
And that thought still comes around.
When will we say, “Enough” to
Getting run into the ground?