Russell G. Robison


It’s coming now to get you
They scream it everyday.
If it’s not another virus,
Then the oil has gone away

Just more manipulations,
So we’ll cling to them in fear.
It’s easier to ‘guide’ us
When we think of danger near

So tired of being lied to,
And sick of all their greed.
They do not have it in their hearts
To meet the people’s need.

They think that we don’t get it
This stupid game they play
Devouring the helpless
While they make them pay and pay

Grown weary of these lawyers,
These millionaires surreal
Who condescend to tell me just
Exactly how to feel

I’d love to do some flushing
In that House of ill repute
There’s too much comfort up there
And they need to feel our boot