Russell G. Robison


He said God forgives you always,
That is his truth you see
But I had not forgiven God
For making you and me

What reason does perfection have?
To make such flawed display
When all we’re asked to do is love
Too high a price to pay?

So focused on ourselves
While we still play the game of ‘me’
Instead of reaching out to know
The power found in ‘we’

We’re told our fate is in our hands
But He knows how we’ll choose:
Why do I get this feeling
That this world is going to lose

I’m told that He is well aware
Of where we need to go
But I tell you down inside my heart
Don’t think we’re going to show

Still caught up being someone
In a world that’s never fair
So wrapped up in our moments
That we never learn to share

Don’t we understand the message?
Has He not spoken clear?
To fill your heart up with his love
And always keep it near

Why can’t we shine our light on hate?
To fill its heart with fear
It’s day is done, we claim the son
And hate’s not welcome here