Russell G. Robison


We held on all thru the night
And prayed that we would be alright
Decisions made so far away
Had brought us here to face this day

And there the struggle grew in pain
To reach a frenzy none sustain
The battle raged out of control
And on that night I lost my soul

As fear and anger turned to hate
The madness still did escalate
Brave men dying on each side
Cried out to God and not their pride

And I will always have that sight
As we fought and died that night
I still hear my dying friends
Trapped in that dream that never ends

Tomorrow’s hope, a dream alas
But through that door we all must pass
Each moment found, a life anew
The path behind we can’t undo

The road we walked the same for all
Who saw the need, and heard the call
We held the line don’t misconstrue
Too many years still Delta Blue