Russell G. Robison


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 2008
Awarded: May 2008
We were the tools of states desire,
And we obeyed, and faced the fire
To render unto them their need
For they were not the ones to bleed

The castle keepers have no shame
And we are pawns within their game
Like chessboard pieces, as they play
We’re sacrificed and swept away

‘Think not of cost’, is what they said
And disregard how many dead
Yet those who sit in lofty air
Will never understand my prayer

Forgive us God now as we fall
Inside the sadness of it all
For those who fell no more to rise
And those who’ll always hear their cries

Know only they have honor here
Who faced the flame, and felt the fear
So distant from this ground are they
Who never risk, and never pay

Still that’s a story, without end
In war the poor, the rich will send
Yeah, same old story, same old line
Brand new bottle, same old wine