Russell G. Robison


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: November 23, 2007
Awarded: November 23, 2007
Changed am I from times now distant,
When days brought laughter’s ring to ear
Of golden dawns and nights
Ten thousand stars gazed down too clear

Lost inside those shifting shadows
Danger lurking near each door
Festers now, those wounds untended
Another casualty of war

Gone the dreams that soared the heavens
Crashing hard too far from real
What are we when our compassion
Turns into a heart of steel

Cursed the hands that chose the killing
It matters not what banner flew
Feel the tears forever forming
When they asked ‘what did you do’

Though the truth is still a shelter
See the light shine on our deeds
In the darkness Satan laughing
For we are meeting, all his needs

Sad that we will not remember,
Sadder still we will not learn
I for one will pay my penance
In that time when I will burn