Michelle Roberts

Michelle served in the United States Army for eight years and was deployed twice, spending time Ramadi, Iraq as a recovery vehicle operator. She also assisted with convoy security and had the opportunity to travel all over the nation. After finding out that she was pregnant with her son, Michelle separated from the Army in 2008 with the rank of Staff Sergeant.

With her husband Solomon, and fifteen-month-old son, Caiden, Michelle lives in Meridian, Idaho where she is currently attending Boise State University seeking her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature.


Dark sky, no light,
The sun or moon never shine here.
Blackness engulfs everything,
Taking me with it.
Headlights pierce the night sky,
They know we’re here.
They clutch their beads,
Feverishly praying to Allah.
They hurl a rocket towards us,
Praying this breath would be our last.
A whistle rings,
Light flashes overhead.
Time stands still.
Dirt flies and gravel falls,
This time they fail.
Our lives are spared.
We are bruised and dirty but not dead.
We live to fight the night again.

Author’s Note: This poem is based on a journal entry that I wrote while deployed in Iraq.