“Red Dog” ~ David T. Roberts


We now stand the watch over the peaceful gardens
That has been placed around us on this wall
And the scenes that unfold before us
Are the reasons we answered the call.

Eight of our Sisters live on this wall
They died taking care of our pain
And in that time it wasn’t quiet right
But they heard the calling and they came

Oh it’s true we were protested
And never got a welcome home
But we fought side by side as Brothers
So we were never really alone.

But as America realized who we were
And finally felt its shame
It built this wall of honor
And upon it placed our names

We now live here for our brothers
That stood beside us in our day
And we’ll stay here forever
So they can visit when they may

There are those that come to visit
And our honor they try to steal
But they were the ones that protested us
And we know their valor isn’t real

Others come as family
To cry their I love you
And the young ones that don’t remember us
Have been told of what it was that we went through

When those that never knew us
Or ever joined us over there
Come to visit us at The Wall
We know the ones that really care

With these we gently take control
Of their hearts, minds and eyes
And bring them in so they may know
What we know, here inside

You see, we live on in the minds of others
As we walk in heaven on streets paved in gold
And we send down our memories as thoughts
So our stories may still be told

Sabrina Stidham stands before me
And thinks of us as heroes carved in stone
I’m gently reaching out to touch her shoulder…
There, now she knows she isn’t alone

I take her hand although she doesn’t believe it
And guide her mind as she steps inside
And all the guys have come out of the jungle
To let her know we haven’t really died

We let her see our mud covered boots
And the foreboding jungles everywhere
We’ll take her to a battle ground
And let her feel what we did there

She may see our mangled bodies
Bloody and cold as in death
She may feel our pain and the fear
As we take our last earthly breath

We let her know that the flag she sees
Is the flag of free men
And as long as that flag flies free for her
We would do it all again

The guys have gathered around her now
To protect her while she’s here
And each of us wants to thank you
For remembering us, Sabrina dear

For us to get that thank you job accomplished
After you’ve gone away from here
One day look into a Veteran’s eyes
And you may see a tiny tear

It won’t be a tear of sorrow
And it won’t be one that he can hide
For it will be the THANK YOU
From all of us here that lives inside

That Mother you see is one of ours
And she has joined us too
She is standing with her Son
Just as we are standing with you

You may someday join the ranks of heroes
With your sisters that answer the call
But we never want to see your name
Placed somewhere on a wall

We have to let you go now
And you are very much so correct
For as long as the wind can whisper
You will hear our message… “NEVER FORGET”.

Author’s Note: This poem was written because I was sent on Fathers Day a short story written by Sabrina Stidham which she calls “HEROES CARVED IN STONE” by her Father who has to be really proud of his Daughter. Her story touched me in a way I can’t describe and because of my personal relationship with that GREAT WALL I believe I was sent these words to put on paper in a way of thanking her for remembering our brothers and sisters. For really feeling them and understanding enough of what she felt to be able to express it on paper.

June 19, 2005

This poem is a response to, and was inspired by the story “Heroes Carved in Stone” ~ ©Copyright June 2005 by Sabrina Stidham