“Red Dog” ~ David T. Roberts


When the sun comes up in the morning
I hope I’m still alive
We all feel that old saying, that
The night has a thousand eyes

The moon will cause a million shadows
A slight breeze will make them move
The NVA are all around us
Soon, we will pay our dues

We are unlocked, loaded, and ready
To defend those by our side
We will fight for each other
And we will live or die with pride

We will defend those back home
And keep America free
That is one of the reasons we signed on
And the way that it should be

We all knew there could be war
The day we took the oath
Although we prayed for peace that day
We prepared for both

The shadows are getting long now
Still moving to and fro
Just a few more hours of darkness left
Why does a minute move so slow

I know I have a can of peaches
And a little water left
Maybe some instant coffee, when it gets light
Man, that’s the best

Night shadows are getting lighter now
It’s getting easier to see
The morning sun is coming up
The NVA has let us be

We look around with a knowing grin
That we all felt the same
We’ll fill the day with lies so brave
Yet the lies will have no shame

The fighting today is over now
It’s time that we dig in
I hope I see the sun come up
Dear Lord, here we go again