“Red Dog” ~ David T. Roberts


No one knows the mountains
A young warrior has to climb
And how can anyone have the courage
That he has to find

He must keep on going
When all else is lost
Ever pushing forward
No matter what the cost

As he fights his way through battles
We wonder what is on his mind
Is it the enemy that is trying to kill him or
The love he left behind?

Bullets wounding and killing
His brothers by his side
It’s names like Rocket Man and Gunner he’ll remember
Not Billy or John that has died

Yet he will keep on fighting
Till the bitter end
Just maybe he’ll make it to the top
Only to start over again

When his tour on the battleground is over
And he saddles up to go home
He tries to tell himself he made it
Yet somehow he knows that he is wrong

Back at home he gets off the plane
No love is waiting by the gate
Only draft dodgers and protesters
Burning flags and filled with hate

He walks himself proudly
Through the filth that has infested the States
And makes it home only to find
A Dear John setting on an empty plate

He sits and reads her letter
How lonely she was when he’s away
And it has been Garrett from down the street
That helped to ease her day

Oh how she is sorry
And says there is no way that he could understand
The friendship, love and confront
That she has felt when she is with this man

He takes a pen and writes across her letter
Good-by, and you truly don’t know
For I do know the love one feels with men
And with that, I must go…

A week later he gets off a plane
And hears gunfire not far away
He throws a glance in that direction
But a voice draws it another way

Welcome home Sarge,
Where the hell ya been?
He turns his head and sees the guys
The men he loves, his brothers, his buddies, his friends.

He’s back with those that he will die for
Or they will die for him
He knows he’s home and makes a promise
Never to leave again

He knows one day it will be over
And he’ll go back to “The World”
But it will be the love of men he remembers
Not the betrayal of a girl.