“Red Dog” ~ David T. Roberts


A man came to see me today,
calling out for “LEW”.
Had I heard this voice before,
or had I forgotten that too?

I stepped up for a closer look,
maybe I was wrong.
I might have known this man somewhere,
I’ve been away so long.

His touch was ice cold
as he reached out his hand.
There’s no way that warrior blood
has ever flown through this man.

His eyes then filled with phony tears
as he asks his God why.
Why couldn’t it have been me, he said.
Why did my buddy have to die?

I looked at his jacket
with the many patches he’d sewn on;
All elite units
from Con Thien to Saigon.

I saw the Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts
he had placed upon his chest.
Badges of courage, and our Flag,
he had pinned with all the rest.

So I took a look inside his heart,
it was there for me to see.
A draft card, flag burning coward
is all this clown will ever be.

The world is filled with many things
but a hero this man is not.
Just another phony
wanting credit for a war he’d never fought.

He had made up my name,
knowing it would be there.
Never knowing me as a man,
but he didn’t really care.

I turned my back and went inside,
a world where warriors never hide.
A place full of heroes one and all,
A home for us, inside this wall.