Randy E. Richmond


Are you a democrat or a republican?


I’m red in the neck and I’m blue in the jeans
I sing the Star-Spangled banner, I know what the words mean
I’m a little bit different and you are too
but I’d sit up in a boat and fish with you

IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: November 20, 2004
Awarded: November 20, 2004
I grew up poor but I grew up proud
I know when to be quiet and when to get loud
I love my family and I love my friends
I’ve made mistakes and I’ve made amends

I own my home and its piece of sod
I believe in my country and in my God
and I understand that it’s your call
not to share my beliefs or to share them all

sometimes we play and sometimes we fight
sometimes we’re wrong… sometimes we’re right
there’s times when we’ve fought side by side
when some of us lived and some of us died

Lived most of my life and nobody asked
or cared – was I this or was I that;
we’ve got radios, papers, TVs, and still
there’s folks wanting to spend our free will

this isn’t the answer you were looking for
so I thought I’d give you a little more
I’d been wanting to say what’s been on my mind
we can all be the same and one of a kind

Thanks though for asking… you wanna go fishing?