Randy E. Richmond


IWVPA Bronze Helmet Top Poet Award of Excellence - November 2002I slept with those at Shiloh
I listened to them pray
I walked on both sides of the line
Dividing blue and gray

I touched them in the trenches
Amidst the cannon roars
Would that it just could have been
The war to end all wars

I was there at Normandy
At every row of hedge
I had my arms around them there
At the ocean’s edge

On the reservoir of Chosin
I sought to soothe their souls
I wept for them as they withdrew
Their bodies claimed by cold

I gave comfort there at Khe Sahn
And at Hamburger Hill
And I freely give it yet today
To those who need it still

In the darkness of the desert
When they were put to test
If someone only called to me
I held them to my breast

Then or now… war or peace
He sent me to this task
Out of sight but easy reach
To any who would ask

Just know that I am always there
Beyond the ring of light
A never-sleeping, silent sentry
To still the raging night