Randy E. Richmond


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: October 5, 2007
Awarded: October 5, 2007
Night time approaches with its promise of pain
Of monsoon clouds pregnant with rain
When eyes have been closed and shadows have merged
Where peaceful scenes of the day have been purged

Yet again sleep succumbs, to dark demon dreams
Nightmares only ended by tormented screams
Of bullets and bleeding, of faces and fears
From long ago battles or just this past year’s

Every sun that goes down, with exception of few
Brings back sights and sounds and makes them brand new
Mangled bodies and memories of that seen and done
Wounds that won’t heal, suffer these mother’s sons

Shell shock, P.T.S.D, we’ve called it what we might
These horrors that persist beyond the times that they are asked to fight
Families have fallen, unable more to cope
Broken, bruised, and battered, with oh so little hope

So our prayer to you now Lord, if you would us allow
As we kneel before you and we do humbly bow
Is to ask You please to touch them with Your very hand and best
To grant to them peaceful slumber, that they may once again find rest