Karen M. Rice and Friends


Snapshot! by Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud


Just a simple day, filled with work
gardening to do, animals to feed
children to chase, lessons to teach.
Grandmother sun, shinning overhead
gives the day, a touch of joy
softly rolling hills, enfolding in a hug.
Wildflowers, waiting to be picked
Kool-Aid made, for our picnic
sandwiches, and a blanket on the ground.
Puppies barking, around our legs
a little pond, filled with fish
just waiting, while we bait our hooks.
Six little brown faces, glowing with health
a mothers heart, overflowing with love
a day that is treasured, a snapshot
kept in her heart!

©Copyright July 2010 by Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud

Good Times by Doug Yelmen

Good Times

On some river in I Corps in 1968 our LCM-8:
went out to an LCU
where they gave us steaks.
I volunteered to cook.
used water as there was nothing else
to cook them with.
I ate at least 3-4 of them.
been few steaks that tasted that good ever since.

©Copyright August 2011 by Doug Yelmen

Horny Toad Lizard by Karen M. Rice

“Horny Toad Lizard”

To call this reptilian fellow both a toad and a lizard is just overkill.
First of all the little guy is not a toad – he’s just a lizard.
Is he horny? I don’t know. None of my business. Have sex with whom you will.
Perhaps lizard ladies find all those spikes and bumps make him a sex wizard!
He is indeed a horned lizard, and is an endangered species, sad to say.
Too many little kids in the desert southwest wanted him to come out and play.
Unlike his distant cousin, the rattlesnake, his only defense is being ugly.
He can’t eat you, but he’d sure like to gobble down a bugly!
I like him – I think he’s cute – I used to carry him in my pocket,
But I want him to live, so I’ll keep him safe in this virtual locket!

©Copyright August 6, 2010 by Karen M. Rice

Innocence by Thurman P. Woodfork


Tinkling giggle,
Mashed-nosed kiss,
Two-handed grip on my wrist.
Tiny child with upturned face,
Offering the gift of God’s Grace,
Swinging giddily from my arm,
Filled with bubbling, guileless charm.
There are good memories from Vietnam.

©Copyright July 26, 2010 by Thurman P. Woodfork

Return by Roger Liebmann


Returning to Vietnam with an aged wife, I sit
On our private balcony on that big boat as she,
Who must be obeyed, concentrates on her chess move
And I am free to gaze out to sea as I fill my lungs
With the salty, balmy air and listen to the muted throb
Of the huge engines that push us through the green-blue
Foam of those South East Asian waters and I think
Back to when I wore a younger man’s clothes, wetted
In part from sweat, in the same heavy tropical warmth.

©Copyright August 8, 2010 by Roger Liebmann

Peaceful Day by Terry D. Sutherland

Peaceful Day

A peaceful day came my way
Right in the thick of thin
I was only stacking hay
Ah, life was good back then
The morning was all sunshine
All nature was tough with dew
There was no mountain to climb
Just simple chores to do
The meadowlark sang a morning song
The finches chimed in too
All nature seemed to get along
There was serenity in the sky so blue
The world seemed to say: “take your time”
Enjoy all you have right now
Leave contented fruit on the vine
Live life in the here and now

©Copyright August 8, 2010 by Terry D. Sutherland